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ross and jlh split [Tuesday
Jan 6th, 09 at 9:07am]

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Fiancé Split from People Magazine
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Crash [Tuesday
Sep 23rd, 08 at 12:46am]

[ mood | excited ]

I didn't see this posted in the community, so here is the trailer of Crash:

>>> Behind the Scenes

>>> Interview on Hollywood 411

I liked the movie, so I'm pretty excited. But the trailer is... really flashy. :/
I hope the show will be better. Whatever, I'll watch for Ross
Sooo, are you going to watch it? :)

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LOLZ "Dion Dedicates Song To Love Hewitt And Fiance" [Wednesday
Mar 19th, 08 at 10:57am]

original article, Feb 17 2008

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT and fiance ROSS MCCALL were left red-faced at a recent concert - after CELINE DION dedicated a love song to them. In her first concert since she wrapped her five-year A New Day residency in Las Vegas in December (07), the singer singled out the newly-engaged couple and thanked them for coming to the show last week (ends 15Feb08) before launching into her hit ballad The Power Of Love. Love Hewitt, 28, met the Scotsman when he made a 2006 guest appearance on her TV show The Ghost Whisperer. The pair became engaged last November (2007) after the Band Of Brothers star proposed while on vacation in Hawaii.
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Feb 25th, 08 at 7:57pm]

just to have something to post over here, lol:

dryope shared a bunch of hi-res ross & jenn pics at an oscar viewing party. you can get a decent look at her engagement ring in the enlarged versions.
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big personal news for ross [Thursday
Nov 29th, 07 at 9:31am]

Jennifer Love Hewitt Engaged

It's a party of two!

Jennifer Love Hewitt's rep confirms exclusively to Usmagazine.com that Hewitt, 28, and boyfriend, Scottish actor Ross McCall, 32, are engaged to be married.

"They got engaged last week," her rep tells Us. The couple is currently vacationing in Hawaii.

Us has learned that the antique engagement ring has been in McCall's family for over 100 years.

Hewitt's rep had no details about the wedding date.
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finally, some ross news [Wednesday
Aug 15th, 07 at 2:45pm]
I realize we're a very inactive community. We apologize for this. The thing is, there just hasn't been that much to share about our lovely Ross. But now here is something... He's all "Hollywood" and rubbing elbows now, apparently. And yes, he appears to still be with JLH. *sigh*

source: http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/article.php?sec=news&id=9169

This story appeared in the Greenock Telegraph: Thursday, 26th July, 2007
Ross Joins LA Galaxy of Stars
by Lorna Campbell

Read more...Collapse )
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um, what? ross is wearing a ring [Monday
Feb 26th, 07 at 10:10am]

[ mood | curious ]

the illustrious dryope posted some new pics of damian and ross. i took a gander at the ross ones, from an oscar viewing party yesterday. i couldn't help but spot that he is wearing a ring on the third finger of his left hand. jennifer's hand is behind him so i can't compare. i looked at a few other candids - he's been wearing it for a while now and i just didn't notice: here, here, here and here. it doesn't look like she's wearing one in that first picture, so maybe ross is just a clueless guy, lol, but i'd be surprised if jlh wouldn't point it out to him, so of course i'm reading stuff into it, lol. has anyone heard anything about it?

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rat king? [Monday
Feb 12th, 07 at 1:32pm]

here's a random question for you ross fans:

a few months ago, the imdb said ross was attached to the movie "rat king" (2006), but it's been taken off his page and he isn't listed anywhere that i can see with the movie any more. i did a quick search for "ross mccall" + "rat king" and only found a few other filmography sites still claiming it as his, but it's a small indie movie and i couldn't find an official site.

i know the imdb isn't infallible, but has anyone else seen/heard information about this? was it an imdb error that listed him with "rat king", or did he leave the project, etc?



or maybe it was someone at the imdb with a sense of humor: mchotrat king, lol
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LETHAL DOSE: 16 Tom Hardy & Ross McCall icons! [Tuesday
Jan 16th, 07 at 7:10pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

[1] Comment please!
[2] Credit mrbnatural or iconzicons!
[3] Hotlinking makes pouty-lipped Brit boys sad. :(

-- 10 Tom Hardy
-- 06 Ross McCall

13 14

Follow the fake LJ-cut for more!
LETHAL DOSE: 16 Tom Hardy & Ross McCall icons!

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Jan 15th, 07 at 11:11am]
Greetings McCall fans!

We unfortunately missed Ross' birthday, which is when we were going to open up the community. So the belated unveiling is now. Nothing here yet, but soon to come. A very temporary layout is up in the meantime, made by moi.
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